Edge Computing for Communities

We locate our modular, scalable edge data centers at power plants, close to consumers and prioritize those communities that others have overlooked.

Optimized from the ground up for sustainability, rapid deployment, and resilience in the toughest conditions, they also consume 7%-10% less energy than hyperscale data centers.

Though our roots are in Alaska, we focus on every community that understands the promise of a greener, more connected world.

Energy Cost Savings
Reduction of Energy Transmission Losses
Real Estate Footprint Required

The Executive Team

Sam Enoka

Sam Enoka

Co-founder, CEO

Power Choice, VIASYN, Northstone, Olympus Capital, FiberCycle, Shoreline Capital

Manu Kalia

Manu Kalia

Co-Founder, Chief Data Scientist

Infosys, Cambrian Futures, Bell Laboratories, CrownButte Wind Power


Headquartered in San Francisco, CA