What's Greensparc?

Real-time data analytics show you how to best allocate compute load among your data center fleet. Up-to-the-minute energy prices and renewable energy mix information in all US and Canadian nodes mesh with your business rules to create the Greensparc hourly utilization recommendations.

Follow our recommendations, save millions of dollars in energy cost, maximize your green energy consumption, and minimize your carbon footprint.

Energy Cost Savings
Green Energy Increase
Carbon Reduction
Electricity Cost Saved (in dollars)
Additional Green Energy Used (MWh)
Carbon Reduced (lbs)

What You'll See

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Energy Cost Savings
If you operate multiple data centers in different geographies, then it is a certainty that your energy costs will vary hour-to-hour and region to region. Greensparc monitors all relevant prices and tariffs in real-time, allowing you to efficiently allocate your compute load between data centers, saving you significant money.
Data Center Utilization
Planning for outages and periodic surges leave data centers with low utilizations. Following Greensparc recommendations allows you to take advantage of this underutilized capacity WITHOUT increasing the total utilization across your portfolio of data centers. Keep all of your safety cushion, while improving your metrics.
Green Energy Maximization
Just as energy prices vary region to region, so also does renewable and carbon-free energy content. Greensparc allows you to see the impact of energy cost optimization on renewable energy percentage and carbon footprint. Or, you could seek to maximize your green energy consumption, and see what the cost impact will be.

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Sam Enoka

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Manu Kalia

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Rick McPhee

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